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Lima Locomotive Works

Photo Credit: No Photo At This Time (date of photo)
Shop Number 1-3354 - Built for: First Owner {not dealer}
Note: Some Shays were built for an owner but order was cancelled before delivery.
Numbering note: Sn 6-725 were a mix of Shay and rod loco by Lima.
Sn 726-999 were all Shays.
Sn-1000-1499 were all rod locos.
Sn-1500-3354 were all Shays.
Data is "AS Built" by Lima, known modifications are listed below.
A, B, C, or D
2, 3 or 4
[#-Dia. x Stroke]
# - bore x stroke
Gear Ratio:
pinion & rim
Wheel Dia.:
in inches
track width
[Style - Dia.]

style - Dia"
Fuel Type:
Fuel Capacity:
Water Capacity:
In US Gallons
Empty Weight:
As built
in Pounds
Dealer's name (D) if applicable
(date) 1st owner (Parent Co.), RR/RY, Road #, Location used, State or Country, notes
(date) 2nd owner (Parent Co.), RR/RT, Road #, Location used, State or Country, notes
(date) 3rd owner (Parent Co.), RR/RY, Road #, Location used, State or Country, notes

note: many Shays were leased, rented, borrowed or loaned and are included in list when data is known.

Information presented as (?info) is possible conflicting information with the most likely information presented first. Very often even Lima's own records from its different departments are in conflict. We strive to compile the most accurate list, however you will encounter many variations on names and locations. Unfortunately, there will never be a 100% accurate listing.
Disposition: Scrapped or Current Location & Link if Known
Additional Notes: Special Notes