About ShayLocomotives.com

This site is free to all to access, you just may not republish data in any form for profit.

By Richard "Rick" Henderson

This is a non-profit web site dedicated to researching, recording and sharing information on Shay Locomotives. Invented by Ephraim Shay and manufactured by Lima from 1878 to 1945, this unique engine is a favorite among rail fans and modelers worldwide.

The major source on Shay information started from Lima's own records. These include Specification Pages, Number Records, Serial Number Files, Dead Files, Visit Records, Parts Order Records, memos and correspondences. Many books have included information on Shay's, some dedicated only to the Shay engine. Information in books is not always accurate and cannot be corrected once published. This site, I believe is the first on-line site that includes information on all 2767 shays built [2768 sn numbers used] and a picture of each shay if available. A web site may be updated in minutes, making this the most up to date medium for research.

Information is collected from every known source possible and correlated into the most accurate base of information possible. Mistakes may be made of course and will be corrected when accurate information is presented. Input of information and corrections is very welcome; however we do ask that you include the source of your correction information.

Pictures on the data sheets are small, 300 pix wide, and are intended to be a reference picture, only to support the data presented. We cannot send larger original pictures or additional pictures to anyone. This is not a commercial venture. Others have larger pictures for sale and I respect their right to make sales.

This project will take time. The updated complete site went online in April of 2000 after years of development and is updated constantly. If you have accurate information to add to or correct, please send it to us. If you want to send a picture of a Shay that is of one not currently shown or is of better quality then the one shown please do so. Include, if known, the sn number in the file name along with photo credit information.

I would also like to offer thanks to the many people who have contributed their time and years of research to help make this site possible for you. There have been hundreds of emails offering contributions, corrections and updates. These individual submissions help make ShayLocomotives.com the most unique and hopefully accurate source of information on the Lima built Shays.