Shay Book Update, August 31, 2018, Rick Henderson,

Shay Locomotives,
The Illustrated History

Expected release now in 2019

The book contract is signed, and the book is with the publisher, who will add some material and get into their printing schedule. We will announce an expected release and final sale price when known.

A new large hardback book brought to you from the staff of

I am not sure how many of you have published a 640 page history book with over 950 images; those that have, do have a better understanding about the required research. It is not about one company in one location, it is about the history of all Shays used worldwide; 2767 Shays with over 4800 owners in over 2800 separate locations, all of which has taken time to verify and update.

The 488 page, 1971 Shay book had 1200 to 1400 errors, which we have been working on constantly to correct for over 20 years now.

Having previewed the final layout of new book, I can assure you that no one should be disappointed with the work.