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We are sad to announce that Rick Henderson,
Shay Historian, Researcher and Senior Editor,
passed away on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Preparations continue for publishing the illiustrated history of Shay locomotives, a project to which Rick was tirelessly dedicated.

John Benson, Shay Historian, Research, Editor, Data Processing

George R. Kadelak, Shay & Lima Historian, Research and Data Archives

Russ Bonny, Webmaster, Website Publisher, Shay Data Archives & Research

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Quick Shay Facts
2,767 Shays were built over 67 years under four company names. (116 survive) (2)
350 as Lima Machine Works 1878 - April 12, 1892
1557 as Lima Locomotive & Machine Co. April 12, 1892 - 1912
362 as Lima Locomotive Corporation 1912 - March 1916
498 as Lima Locomotive Works, Inc. March 1916 - 1945
By Class MPH Speed Range
685 2-cylinders/2-trucks Class A 7.7 - 17.5
2 2-cylinders/3-trucks Special (1) 14.0 - 16.2
1,481 3-cylinders/2-trucks Class B 10.1 - 21.0
580 3-cylinders/3-trucks Class C 10.1 - 27.9
20 3-cylinders/4-trucks Class D 18.8 - 26.7
(1) sn-117 & 119
(2) one Shay had two sn# assigned (1500 & 1755)
(3) Lima sn-1 was not a Shay

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